Custom Design

My Shoes Maker specializes in traditionally making and painting women’s and men’s shoes. Choose a model, decide which last you want your shoes to have and start designing your shoes from shoe soles to laces and more.

Size & Model

We also produce our shoes in large sizes for women (Size 3 – 10) and large shoe sizes for men (Size 4 – 16). With our 3D-Designing Tool you can design and order shoes yourself.

Do you have wide feet? Then choose the EE or EEE width so that it is not too tight at your toes. For the ladies please choose: “W“.

Delivery time

With our Made-To-Order Express Service (Fastlane 2.0), you can design your favourite shoes and have them delivered in 8 working days. The production time is 8 working days.

Mainly our women’s shoes are mainly manufactured with our Made-To-Order From Scratch Service. Men’s shoes can also manufactured with this service With this service, every part of the shoes is handmade in 3-4 weeks. The delivery time is 2 weeks. With this service, you will have more designing options.